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Building Sustainable Cities of the Future

This book draws upon the expertise of academic researchers, urban planners and architects to explore the challenge of building the sustainable cities of the future. It addresses this challenge by considering current cities and those of the near future, and creates a picture of the sustainable city from the bottom up.

Energie : papiers de recherche moissonnés (14/11/2017)

World Energy Outlook 2017 ; Beyond Fossil Fuels: Planning a just transition for Alaska’s economy ; Assessing Kuwaiti Energy Pricing Reforms ; Towards sustainable and integrated European energy networks ; SiSTEM, a model for the simulation of short-term electricity markets

Energie : papiers de recherche moissonnés (2 novembre 2017)

Gas and Taxes: The Impact of Russia’s Tinkering with Upstrean Gas Taxes on State Revenues and Decline Rates of Legacy Fields ; Local content and procurement requirements in oil and gas contracts: Regional trends in the Middle East and North Africa ; Composante carbone, rapprochement diesel-essence, réforme de la TICPE : Transition énergétique ou fiscale ? ; La politique française de l’électricité: les faux-pas ; Cost of energy: independent review

Energie : papiers de recherche moissonnés (20/10/2017)

The Impact of Advanced Metering Infrastructure on Residential Electricity Consumption – Evidence from California ; Orienter l’épargne des ménages vers le financement des énergies renouvelables : quelle contribution du bonus au financement participatif ? ; Electricity Storage and Renewables: Costs and Markets to 2030 ; Actualisation du scénario énergie-climat ADEME 2035-2050 ; WEO-2017 Special Report: Energy Access Outlook ; Energy Efficiency 2017 ; Improving the Market for Flexibility in the Electricity Sector