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L’adaptation au changement climatique : une question de sociétés / Adapting to climate change, a question for our societies

Cet ouvrage, composé d’une cinquantaine d’articles écrits par des scientifiques et experts du sujet, est unique. Il suscite une réflexion sur ce qu’est l’adaptation, et la maladaptation, faisant intervenir plusieurs champs disciplinaires, sectoriels et territoriaux. Tout en montrant les freins et les limites, il témoigne et propose des façons d’agir et de s’adapter

Toward a Binding Climate Change Adaptation Regime

“Scientific consensus is that the impacts of climate change are increasing, as evident from the greater frequency, intensity and magnitude of climate disasters in recent years. This book asks why anticipatory and planned measures for reducing vulnerability to the impacts of climate change should not be regarded as a global responsibility in the same way as mitigation…”

Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Region

The Asia-Pacific region is rich in resources on the on hand, but quite vulnerable to climate change on the other. The growing evidences of increases in the intensity and frequency of various extreme events suggest that urgent measures are needed, in order to increase the capacity of the countries in the region to adapt…

Rising to the Call: Good Practices of Climate Change Adaptation in India

Adaptation is necessary to manage the risks posed by climate change. Rising to the Call is a collection of stories from all over India about the nature of extreme weather events experienced, how communities are responding and successful adaptation practices emerging out of these experiences. It studies the impacts and replicability of the different approaches to adaptation and brings out valuable insights for developing countries in the region and beyond.

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