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Too much energy ? Asia at 2030

This AEI report strives to shed light on these uncertainties with the aim of providing realistic scenarios for the global energy outlook to 2030.

Diversification of Energy Supply: Prospects for Emerging Energy Sources

Asia’s burgeoning energy demand has stimulated interest in photovoltaics, wind power, and unconventional gas (shale gas, tight gas, coal-bed methane, and coal-mine methane). For each of these, the resource, current status, future prospects, environmental implications, investment and infrastructure requirements, and risks are examined…

The potential impact on Asia gas markets of Russia’s Eastern gas strategy

Russia possesses the potential to produce significant gas from its Eastern Regions, with total proved reserves in East Siberia and the Far East of Russia standing at 5 trillion cubic metres (Tcm) while prospective resources could be as large as 65Tcm. This would appear to give Russia a huge opportunity for export sales into the Asia Pacific region, which contains the world’s largest LNG importing nations and two of the world’s fastest growing gas markets in China and India (also importers of LNG)…

The governance of climate relations between Europe and Asia

This book presents a study of the most important governance processes in current EU–Asia climate relations. It focuses on in-depth empirical case studies, offering a comprehensive relational perspective. Contributions on China cover the most essential issues, interests and actors, while the inquiry of EU–Vietnam relations mainly focuses on the CDM as the main channel of bilateral climate action.

Developing a natural gas trading hub in Asia

The trading of natural gas in the Asia-Pacific region is dominated by long-term contracts in which the price of gas is indexed to that of oil. As the price of gas between Asia and other parts of the world has widened in recent years, observers have raised serious doubts about the sustainability of this pricing model. In this report, the IEA shows what it would take to create a functional, regional natural-gas trading hub in which prices reflect the local supply and demand fundamentals…

Climate smart development in Asia

This book covers all critical aspects of climate-smart development and attempts to integrate both market-based and technology-based solutions into a comprehensive approach for creating a road map for low carbon, climate-resilient economies in Asia

Towards an “energy plus” approach for the poor

A new analysis from the United Nations Development Programme, based on case studies from across Asia and the Pacific, calls for a set of “energy plus” services – one that combines access to modern energy for heating, cooking and electricity, with measures that generate cash, supplement incomes and improve health and education.

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