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Capacity Mechanisms in the EU Energy Market : Law, Policy, and Economics

This book provides readers with an in-depth analysis of capacity mechanisms, written by an expert team of policy-makers, economists, and legal professionals. It will be a first point of reference for regulators and policy-makers responsible for designing optimal capacity mechanisms in Europe, and will be an invaluable resource for academics and practitioners in the fields of energy, regulation, and competition.

The Final Hurdle ? Security of supply, the Capacity Mechanism and the role of interconnectors

The UK Government has developed a carefully designed Capacity Mechanism to ensure security of supply in the GB electricity system. This paper criticises the methods used to determine the amount of capacity to procure, and argues that the amount finally proposed is likely to be excessive, particularly (but not exclusively) in ignoring the contribution from interconnectors…

Capacity mechanisms on Central European electricity markets: Effects on consumers, producers and technologies until 2033

The reduced attractiveness of investments in reliable power plants under conditions of liberalized markets and the transition towards renewable energies has brought a discussion on  capacity policies to Europe. We use a partial equilibrium model to compare important effects of  three basic policies…

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