Étiqueté : carbon market

Transaction costs of low-carbon technologies and policies : the diverging literature

Transaction costs are major challenge to moving forward toward low-carbon economic growth, as new technologies or policies tend to have higher transaction costs compared with those in the business as usual situation. However, neither a well-developed theoretical foundation nor a consensus interpretation is available for those transaction costs in the existing literature…

Trade of woody biomass for electricity generation under climate mitigation policy

This FEEM paper uses scenarios generated by the integrated assessment model WITCH to study trade of woody biomass from multiple perspectives: the volume of biomass traded, its value, the impact on other power generation technologies and on marginal abatement costs.

Design options for sectoral carbon market mechanisms

a study on the design options for the new market mechanism agreed under the UN climate change convention. The study, carried out by a consortium of consultants, will assist the Commission in negotiations at the forthcoming Doha climate conference on setting up the new mechanism, which was agreed at last year’s conference in Durban.

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