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The European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS): Ex-Post Analysis, the Market Stability Reserve and Options for a Comprehensive Reform

The central pillar of European climate policy, the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), is currently under scrutiny, as the allowance price is persistently low at around 5€/tCO2. The cap was met and emissions actually declined in recent years, ensuring the environmental effectiveness of the scheme…

Mapping carbon pricing initiatives : developments and prospects

The report shows that regional, national and sub-national carbon pricing initiatives are emerging in an increasing number of jurisdictions worldwide. More than 60 jurisdictions, emitting almost half of global greenhouse gas emissions, have either implemented or are considering mechanisms that put a price on carbon…

Pricing carbon in the U.S.: A model-based analysis of power sector only approaches

This Brookings paper uses an intertemporal computable general equilibrium (CGE) model of the world economy called G-Cubed to compare a power-sector-only climate policy with economy-wide measures that either place the same price on carbon or achieve the same cumulative emissions reduction as the program limited to the power sector

Climate Policy after Copenhagen

This book addresses the need for information about factors impacting climate policy implementation, using as a case study one effort that is at the heart of attempts to create a low-carbon future: the European Emission Trading Scheme…

Energy Efficiency Policy and Carbon Pricing

The main message of this IEA information paper is that while carbon pricing is a prerequisite for least-cost carbon mitigation strategies, carbon pricing is not enough to overcome all the barriers to cost-effective energy efficiency actions. Energy efficiency policy should be designed carefully for each sector to ensure optimal outcomes for a combination of economic, social and climate change goals (© IEA)

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