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Handbook of clean energy systems

The Handbook of Clean Energy Systems consolidates a wealth of information from this interdisciplinary research field in a single online reference work. With an international team of renowned editors, advisory board members, and contributors from academia and industry, the Handbook presents a comprehensive overview of the latest developments and practical applications in clean energy research across six volumes

Planetary economics : Energy, climate change and the three domains of sustainable development

“The book shows that the transformation of energy systems involves all three domains – and each is equally important. From them flow three pillars of policy – three quite distinct kinds of actions that need to be taken, which rest on fundamentally different principles. Any pillar on its own will fail.”

Costs, competitiveness and climate policy: distortions across Europe

Inside its 28-country energy market the European Union is permitting serious distortions. These arise out of the current patchy way whereby energy-intensive industries are relieved of the costs of ambitious, clean EU energy policies of capping carbon and promoting renewables.  This OIES comment argues that the EU should adopt a common approach to such carbon cost relief, rather than leaving it to member states, of which only a few are able and willing to help their energy-intensive sectors.

Assessing the investment climate for climate investments

The World bank study aims to facilitate the development of a policy framework for promoting climate-friendly investment in South Asia. A major output of the study is the piloting of the Climate Investment Readiness Index, a tool for evaluating the enabling environment for private sector investment in different countries… (© IISD)

The blueprint for a secure energy future: progress report

One year ago, the President put forward a comprehensive plan in the Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future that outlined the Administration’s all-of-the-above approach to American energy – a strategy aimed at reducing reliance on foreign oil, saving families and businesses money at the pump, and positioning the United States as the global leader in clean energy. This new progress report showcases the Administration’s historic achievements in each of these areas…

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