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The 2015 Climate Agreement: What’s in it for the EU?

The European Union, together with other countries, is making a second effort to reach a comprehensive global climate change agreement in Paris in 2015, after the unsuccessful attempt to do so in Copenhagen in 2009. In a Europe still preoccupied with recovery from the economic crisis, why should the EU be tempted to offer leadership in the field of climate change and what would such an agreement bring – in short, what’s in it for the EU?…

Governance and equity in EU climate policy

“This two-part paper, firstly, looks at the evolution and improvement of the assessment of National Allocation Plans, developed by EU Member States under the EU Emissions Trading system, in the period, 2005-2012. Secondly the paper focuses on the development of EU 2020 climate targets and in particular how the 2020 policy framework includes provisions, which can be regarded as a form of “equity” between richer and poor EU Member States”. (©  MAPS)

Toward a new climate agreement. Conflict, resolution and governance

This book examines the challenges of sustaining meaningful cooperation among countries striving to manage global climate change through international environmental agreements. Through the perspectives of leading international scholars from multiple disciplines, readers of the book will gain an understanding of how agreements are negotiated, the strength and weaknesses of previous climate agreements and how a more effective future climate agreement can be designed…

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