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Changement climatique et finance durable

En décembre 2015, la France accueille la 21e conférence climat. Les enjeux pour la planète sont cruciaux puisque les États doivent aboutir à un accord permettant de contenir le réchauffement global en deçà de 2 °C. La finance a un rôle important à jouer. Dans cette perspective, la Revue d’économie financière présente une synthèse des réflexions et travaux sur le sujet.

Climate finance for cities and buildings : a handbook for local governments

This new UNEP publicationaims to help raise awareness among local stakeholders regarding climate finance and the challenges and opportunities for GHG mitigation in the built environment. It provides an overview of the main climate finance mechanisms, and discusses their relevance to the urban context. It also discusses key considerations for measurement, reporting and verification (MRV), which is crucial for building trust and keeping track of climate change mitigation activities.

Exploring climate finance effectiveness

This OECD paper explores how different communities view climate finance effectiveness; the policies or institutional pre-conditions that facilitate effectiveness; and how effectiveness is currently monitored and evaluated. The paper concludes by discussing the conflicts and trade-offs encountered in assessing effectiveness and a possible way forward in balancing multiple views and priorities.

Kyoto and the COPs: lessons learned and looking ahead

This publication analyzing the major Conferences of the Parties with their main legal, structural, and policy responses to climate change. The near-disaster 2009 Conference of the Parties-15 in Copenhagen empirically demonstrated that the UN machinery is incapable of moving forward fast enough to produce a global climate deal. Moreover, international climate policy, as it has been understood and practiced by many governments of the world under the Kyoto Protocol approach, has failed to produce any discernable real world reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases since the mid 1990s.  (© Rafael Leal-Arcas)

The landscape of climate finance

In this paper, CPI assesses the current status of the climate finance landscape, mapping its magnitude and nature along the life cycle of financial flows, i.e. the sources of finance, intermediaries involved in distribution, financial instruments, and final uses. After presenting estimates of current flows based on available data, describing the methodology, and discussing the sources of data, we offer recommendations to improve further data-gathering efforts.

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