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Carbon emissions scenarios in Europe based on an endogenous growth model

Carbon dioxide emissions are a major force driving climate change. We construct scenarios of CO2 emissions from fossil energy until 2100 in Europe. Major innovations are first that economic growth is based on an endogenous economic growth model and second that we calibrate our model to historical data on population and GDP since 1850…

What role of renewable and nonrenewable electricity consumption and output is needed to initially mitigate CO2 emissions in MENA region?

This study attempts to explore the causal relationship between renewable and nonrenewable electricity consumption, output and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for 10 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries over the period of 1980–2009.

Explaining and understanding declines in U.S. CO2 emissions

Seven  key  factors,  combined  with  the  impacts  of  a  prolonged  economic  slowdown,  have   led  U.S.  CO2  emissions  to  fall  to  1996  levels,  approaching  even  the  long-­‐abandoned   Kyoto  Protocol  target.  Is  it  conceivable  that  U.S.  CO2  emissions  may  actually  have   peaked?…

Electricity in a climate-constrained world

Electricity use is growing worldwide, providing a range of energy services: lighting, heating and cooling, specific industrial uses, entertainment, information technologies, and mobility. Because its generation remains largely based on fossil fuels, electricity is also the largest and the fastest-growing source of energy-related CO2 emissions, the primary cause of human-induced climate change. Forecasts from the IEA and others show that “decarbonising” electricity and enhancing end-use efficiency can make major contributions to the fight against climate change…

Decarbonisation of the electricity sector – is there still a place for markets?

(…) A number of countries, like the UK, are already in the process of reforming their electricity markets in order to ensure the delivery of the huge quantities of low carbon investment which will be needed; these reforms have involved a more central role for the government in decision-making, and in underwriting investments.  The paper considers whether the role of market forces is inevitably going to be increasingly limited by the existence of rigorous environmental targets…

Consommations conventionnelles de carburant et émissions de C02 – Véhicules particuliers neufs vendus en France en 2012

Ce guide de l’Ademe recense tous les véhicules particuliers homologués par l’UTAC vendus en France en 2012. « Le grand Palmarès ADEME » dresse la liste des véhicules les moins émetteurs de CO2, pour les 10 premières valeurs d’émissions de CO2.

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