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Green Solar Cities

The Green Solar Cities, EU-Concerto project focuses on the practical large scale implementation of solar energy technologies in combination with new build and retrofit low energy building in the cities of Copenhagen, with its city part Valby, in Denmark and Salzburg in Austria. This book aims to influence decision makers in European cities towards a similar approach to the Green Solar Cities project, in close cooperation with leading building component suppliers, energy companies and engaged builders also working with local city officials…

Energy policies of IEA countries: Denmark 2011

Energy policies of IEA countries: Denmark 2011. Paris : OECD, 2012, 162 p. http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/energy/energy-policies-of-iea-countries-denmark-2011_9789264098213-en Denmark is a leader among OECD member countries in terms of its well-designed policies for renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change. The country is a forthright voice in international fora...

Energy policies of IEA countries – Denmark 2011 review

This IEA’s review analyses the energy-policy challenges facing Denmark as it develops and implements the ambitious policies outlined in the Energy Strategy 2050, and provides critiques and recommendations for further policy improvements in particular sectors. The intent of the review is to assist Danish policy makers as they move towards a sustainable, low-carbon energy future.

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