Étiqueté : electricity consumption

What role of renewable and nonrenewable electricity consumption and output is needed to initially mitigate CO2 emissions in MENA region?

This study attempts to explore the causal relationship between renewable and nonrenewable electricity consumption, output and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for 10 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries over the period of 1980–2009.

California energy efficiency: Lessons for the rest of the world, or not ?

Starting in the 1970s California’s residential electricity consumption per capita stopped increasing, while other states’ electricity use continued to grow steadily. Similar patterns can be seen in non-electric energy, industry, and transportation. What accounts for California’s apparent energy savings? Some credit the strict energy efficiency standards for buildings and appliances enacted by California in the mid-1970s…

What changes energy consumption, and for how long? New evidence from the 2001 Brazilian electricity crisis

There is little evidence from impact evaluation studies of ambitious residential energy conservation programs, especially in developing countries. In this paper, the author investigates the short- and long-term impacts of the most ambitious electricity conservation program to date…

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