Étiqueté : electricity transmission

Sustainable Electricity Grid Development and the Public: An Economic Approach

Increasingly, local opposition to new electricity grid development projects cause lengthy delays and places financial and practical strain on the projects. The structure of the electricity industry is in transition due to the emergence of smaller but more numerous electricity generation facilities…

The impact of a feed-in tariff on wind power development in Germany

“We estimate the impact of a feed-in tariff for renewable power on wind power investment in Germany at the county level from 1996-2010 controlling for windiness and access to the electricity transmission grid. After the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) was passed in 2000, the feed-in tariff became linked to wind power potential, such that more windy locations received a lower incentive per unit of output…”

Efficiency and environmental factors in the US electricity transmission industry

The electricity industry in most developed countries has been restructured over recent decades with the aim of improving both service quality and firms’ performance. Regulated segments  still provide the infrastructure for the competitive segments and represent a notable amount of the total price paid by final customers…

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