Étiqueté : Endogenous growth

Carbon emissions scenarios in Europe based on an endogenous growth model

Carbon dioxide emissions are a major force driving climate change. We construct scenarios of CO2 emissions from fossil energy until 2100 in Europe. Major innovations are first that economic growth is based on an endogenous economic growth model and second that we calibrate our model to historical data on population and GDP since 1850…

Research or carbon capture and storage – How to limit climate change?

The consequences of the 2°C climate target and the implicitly imposed ceiling on CO2 have been analyzed in several studies. We use an endogenous growth model with a ceiling and a carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to study the effect of the ceiling on the allocation of limited funds for R&D, CCS and capital accumulation…

Carbon sequestration, economic policies and growth

The possibility of capturing and sequestering some fraction of the CO2 emissions arising from fossil fuel combustion, often labeled as carbon capture and storage, is drawing an increasing amount of attention in the business and academic communities. The authors present here a model of endogenous growth in which the use of a non-renewable resource in production yields ‡ows of pollution whose accumulated stock negatively affects welfare…

The environment and directed technical change : comment

Cet document de travail du CIRED analyse le modèle de croissance sous contraintes environnementales présenté par Acemoglu et al. (2011), lequel met l’accent sur la réorientation du changement technique au moyen de politiques climatiques combinant une taxe carbone et des subventions à la recherche

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