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Partnerships for improving water and energy access, efficiency and sustainability

This report brings together outputs from the UN-Water Zaragoza Conference 2014, summarising contributions from different UN agencies and programmes, more than 120 experts, representatives of international companies in the water and energy sector, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Smart and just grids: opportunities for sub‐Saharan Africa

Whilst there is a clear focus today on improving the energy security and sustainability of established economies in Europe, Japan and North America, for example, as well as rapidly growing economies such as China, we must not forget that energy security means something very different to the many millions of people who have no access to electricity of any kind…

Beyond Rio: Sustainable energy scenarios for the 21st century

The scenario pathways presented in this paper describe transformative changes toward these goals, taking a broad view of the four main energy challenges faced by society in the 21st century: providing universal access to modern energy for all; reducing the impacts of energy production on human health and the environment; avoiding dangerous climate change; and enhancing energy security…

Escaping the vicious cycle of poverty: towards universal access to energy

While fossil fuels will inevitably play a major role in expanding on-grid energy supply, this CEPS’s study shows that renewable energy sources – and especially small decentralised solutions – have huge potential for providing reliable, sustainable and affordable energy services for the poor, particularly in rural areas of developing countries

Measuring the benefits of increased electricity access in developing countries

The objective of this ESMAP’s paper is to shed some light on the benefits of improved access to electricity supply, specifically the benefits referred to as, ‘consumer’s surplus’, which is the difference between what customers are willing to pay for the utilities associated with electricity access and the price that they actually pay.

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