Étiqueté : energy consumption

Stability versus sustainability: energy policy in the Gulf monarchies

The six Persian Gulf monarchies are home to some of the world’s largest hydrocarbon reserves, and also some of the cheapest energy prices and highest per-capita consumption. Government subsidies based on socio-political objectives have contributed to regime longevity, but they have also stimulated demand for resources comprising the region’s chief export and biggest contributor to GDP. This paper finds that these monarchies – Qatar excepted – face an increasingly acute conflict between maintaining subsidies and sustaining exports…

Energy Efficiency and Conservation: New Tools and Opportunities

Many new and ambitious energy efficiency and conservation laws are being enacted at all levels of government – and with greater financial incentives than provided previously. These innovations are intended to overcome or minimize a variety of market barriers. These innovations, including public-private partnerships, also require significant legal input and creativity to reap the often remarkably large energy and cost savings. This article reviews a range of these tools, especially financial legal mechanisms, that could help significantly reduce U.S. energy consumption.

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