Étiqueté : energy dependence

Increasing the EU’s energy independence

Europe’s dependence on imports of natural gas is a growing concern. Given the very limited opportunities for increasing domestic natural gas production, increased energy efficiency and greater use of renewable energy sources are the main options for decreasing imports over the long term. This paper argues that cost-effective measures in efficiency and realistic developments in renewables could halve the EU’s imports of natural gas, while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by 49 per cent by 2030 (compared to 1990)…

Business as usual : European gas market functioning in times of turmoil and increasing import dependence

“Ongoing turmoil in Ukraine has once again sparked debate about European energy dependence on Russia. That debate is not new and has been revitalized repeatedly since the first major supply disruption in 2006, which took place after several decades of fairly stable supplies. This new Brookings report assesses whether the often expressed desire to move away from using Russian natural gas will in fact happen…”

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