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Energy Policy in China

With a specific focus on energy supply, this book provides a succinct account of China’s energy policy over the last sixty years. Using separate chapters dedicated to each energy sub-sector, Chi-Jen Yang introduces and discusses both the achievements and failures of the Chinese energy systems, as well as the strengths and insufficiencies of energy governance in China.

EU Leadership in Energy and Environmental Governance

This edited collection focuses on the impact of the changing global distribution of power on the EU’s energy policy and ability to project its approach to energy-related issues abroad. It maps the EU’s changing position on global energy, the impact of various factors on its energy policy, and its relations with Russia, China, the USA and Brazil.

China’s Energy Hedging Strategy: Less Than Meets the Eye for Russian Gas Pipelines

China’s energy needs have been a major factor shaping the global energy landscape in the 21st century. A significant contributor to rising global energy consumption and increasing prices over the last decade, the country is being actively courted by the world’s largest oil and gas exporters as a pivotal growth market for the future…

Energy security outlook : Defining a secure and sustainable energy future for India

“The distinct and diverse energy realities that characterize India necessitate a more detailed examination of the country’s energy situation. A multi-sector and multi-issue analysis that takes cognizance of the tugs and pulls that India’s energy policy is subject to is essential. It is with this objective that the Energy Security Outlook examines issues pertinent to India’s energy security…”

Energy Policies of IEA Countries: The United States 2014

Since the last IEA review of the United States was published in 2008, the country’s energy policy landscape has fundamentally changed. In many aspects there have been significant improvements, and the country is in a strong position to deliver a reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy system…

Implementing the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework – a closer look at re-newables and opportunities for an Energy Union

On 23-24 October 2014, the European Council decided on a new set of targets for 2030 by adopting the “2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework”. The framework raises several practical questions that need to be addressed in the upcoming legislative process, specifically regarding renewables. The aim of this paper – prepared in the context of the European IEE project “towards2030-dialogue”, of which CEPS is a partner – is to provide a first analysis of these questions and to offer policy recommendations based on our findings…

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