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The European Energy Union: The Quest for Secure, Affordable and Sustainable Energy

This timely book shows how the creation of a European Energy Union might be an effective and viable solution to the energy security problems that the European Union (EU) is facing. The aim is to make it easier to trade energy inside the EU. The EU currently has to rely on energy-rich countries for its energy needs, many of whom are politically and economically unstable. This places the EU in a vulnerable position.

The Global Energy Challenge: Environment, Development and Security

The supply and demand of energy, its security and environmental sustainability are increasingly central issues in the contemporary world. This broad-ranging new text provides an international and interdisciplinary introduction to today’s political, economic, security, policy and technological challenges set in a clear historical context.

Soft power with a hard edge: EU policy tools and energy security

International security debates surrounding the European Union (EU) energy supply challenge commonly invoke the need for more EU hard power – e.g. getting tough on Russia or engaging directly with other exporters. This article investigates whether what might be labelled ‘soft power with a hard edge’ instead amounts to a consistent policy strategy for the EU…

Energy security outlook : Defining a secure and sustainable energy future for India

“The distinct and diverse energy realities that characterize India necessitate a more detailed examination of the country’s energy situation. A multi-sector and multi-issue analysis that takes cognizance of the tugs and pulls that India’s energy policy is subject to is essential. It is with this objective that the Energy Security Outlook examines issues pertinent to India’s energy security…”

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