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Towards an “energy plus” approach for the poor

A new analysis from the United Nations Development Programme, based on case studies from across Asia and the Pacific, calls for a set of “energy plus” services – one that combines access to modern energy for heating, cooking and electricity, with measures that generate cash, supplement incomes and improve health and education.

Keeping track of our changing environment : From Rio to Rio+20 (1992-2012)

This UNEP publication helps to tell the story of where the world was 20 years ago and where we collectively stand today, and to show the direction in which we need to move in a post-Rio+20 world. It also highlights the missing pieces in our knowledge about the state of environment— such as those related to freshwater quality and quantity, ground water depletion, ecosystem services, loss of natural habitat, land degradation, chemicals and waste—due to lack of regular monitoring, collection and compilation of data.

Beyond Rio+20

This report is the product of the Pardee Center Task Force on the Green Economy, which met at the Pardee House in September 2010. As an intellectual contribution to the preparations for the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, the Pardee Center convened a small task force of experts to discuss the role of institutions in the actualization of a green economy in the context of sustainable development.

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