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Governance and equity in EU climate policy

“This two-part paper, firstly, looks at the evolution and improvement of the assessment of National Allocation Plans, developed by EU Member States under the EU Emissions Trading system, in the period, 2005-2012. Secondly the paper focuses on the development of EU 2020 climate targets and in particular how the 2020 policy framework includes provisions, which can be regarded as a form of “equity” between richer and poor EU Member States”. (©  MAPS)

Social-psychology, equity and climate change negotiations

Social-psychology, equity and climate change negotiations / Sonja Klinsky. Cape Town. MAPS Programme, May 2014, 37 p. (research paper ; 18) http://www.mapsprogramme.org/wp-content/uploads/Paper_Social-psychology-equity-and-climate-change-negotiations.pdf This paper addresses the equity debates within climate policy, and draws attention to underlying social-psychological patterns that could shape ideas about what feels fair...

Water and climate change in Africa : Challenges and community initiatives in Durban, Maputo and Nairobi

Following an overview of the ways climate change is affecting three cities in Africa, this book discusses the equity and climate justice implications, and then gives examples of ways in which a range of local community organizations are extending their current activities to address these challenges, through innovative new programs and initiatives at the grassroots

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