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States and markets in hydrocarbon sectors

Research on the role of states and markets in the hydrocarbon sector is highly topical in contemporary International Political Economy. In some areas, this is a result of new hydrocarbon discoveries, in others it relates to factors like unsatisfactory progress in energy markets or pollution and other negative externalities. Recent international discussion in this area has so far focused on specific topics such as the role of national oil companies or the impact of government policies on national supply reservations or local content requirements.

Gas Network and Market: à la carte?

The institutional setting of open gas networks and markets is revealing considerably diverse and diverging roads taken by the US, the EU or Australia. We will show that this is explained by key choices made in the liberalization process. This liberalization is based on a redefinition of the property rights associated with transmission grid usage…

Measuring energy security

Continuity of energy supplies is a central aspect of concerns about energy security. Although the continuity of supplies can be influenced by a large number of risks, most models only analyse a small subset of risk sources and often neglect interdependencies between them. In this paper we introduce a probabilistic time-series model that quantifies the impact of inter-dependent natural, technical and human risk sources on energy supply continuity…

Lessons from the February 2012 European gas “crisis”

This OIES Comment argues that the supposed supply “crisis” was not caused by any production shortfall in Russia but by a combination of inadequate storage available to Gazprom, excess gas withdrawal by Ukraine and in particular by political considerations in Russia ahead of the Presidential election in early March…

The Impact of Wind Power on European Natural Gas Markets

This IEA’s working paper examines three vital questions associated with this premise: 1) Is natural gas indeed the best partner fuel for wind power? 2) If so, to what extent will an increasing market share of wind power in European electricity generation affect demand for natural gas in the power sector? and 3) Considering the existing European natural gas markets, is natural gas capable of fulfilling this role of partner for renewable sources of electricity?

International handbook of network industries : the liberalization of infrastructure

The multidisciplinary approach focuses on the economic, political and institutional aspects of liberalization as well as, to a lesser extent, on technological issues. As such, this book constitutes a unique contribution, as this broad overview is often lost in the sector-specific, country-focused and purely disciplinary approaches prevalent in the current literature. Sectors explored include telecoms, the Internet, energy and transport, while the truly global perspective incorporates unique case studies from an array of developed and developing countries including the US, China, India and the EU.

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