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Chinese Hydropower Development in Africa and Asia

Chinese Hydropower Development in Africa and Asia explores the governance and socio-economic implications of large Chinese dams’ development in low and middle income countries in Asia and Africa, asking how these big infrastructure projects can promote sustainable local and national development. Chinese overseas investment and hydropower development are topics of increasing interest to scholars from across the development, environment, politics and economics disciplines.

Hydropower development in the Mekong Region

The Mekong Basin is home to some 70 million people, for whom this great river is a source of livelihoods, the basis for their ecosystems and a foundation of their economies. But the Mekong is also currently undergoing enormous social, economic, and ecological change of which hydropower development is a significant driver. This book provides a basin-wide analysis of political, socio-economic and environmental perspectives of hydropower development in the Mekong Basin…

Renewable energy technologies: cost analysis series

Renewable energy technologies: cost analysis series. Bonn : IRENA, June 2012 http://www.irena.org/menu/index.aspx?mnu=cat&PriMenuID=36&CatID=128 Preface : International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Member Countries have asked for better, objective cost data for renewable energy technologies.These five reports on solar pholtovoltaics, wind, biomass, hydropower and concentrating solar power address...

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