Étiqueté : international climate negotiations

Negotiating the new global climate deal

This BioRes’s issue looks at the possible elements that could form part of a new global climate deal, which delegates from nearly 200 nations are currently negotiating at the UN Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Transnational climate change governance

The world of climate politics is increasingly no longer confined to the activities of national governments and international negotiations. Critical to this transformation of the politics of climate change has been the emergence of new forms of transnational governance that cut across traditional state-based jurisdictions and operate across public and private divides…

Social-psychology, equity and climate change negotiations

Social-psychology, equity and climate change negotiations / Sonja Klinsky. Cape Town. MAPS Programme, May 2014, 37 p. (research paper ; 18) http://www.mapsprogramme.org/wp-content/uploads/Paper_Social-psychology-equity-and-climate-change-negotiations.pdf This paper addresses the equity debates within climate policy, and draws attention to underlying social-psychological patterns that could shape ideas about what feels fair...

Prospects for Paris 2015: do major emitters want the same climate ?

International negotiations have failed to achieve an ambitious outcome to limit climate risks. A Cournot outcome where countries determine their mitigation commitments in the full knowledge of those by others could be an important step. It would avoid a Stackelberg (leader-follower) outcome where one or more major emitters impose a level of climate risk on the rest of the world…

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