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Iran’s natural gas industry in the post-revolutionary period – Optimism, scepticism and potential

This book on Iran’s natural gas industry provides an in-depth analysis of the historical, political, legal and economic developments which, throughout the post-Revolutionary era, have impacted Iran’s ability to engage substantially in international gas trade, despite its world class reserves

NIOC and the State – Commercialization, contestation and consolidation in the Islamic Republic of Iran

While Iran’s oil industry has long been a subject of great interest for academics, industry analysts and the news media surprisingly little attention has been paid to the institutional apparatus of the Iranian hydrocarbon sector and its embeddedness in networks of political power. The institutional embodiment of Iran’s oil industry is the nominally state-owned National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). However, this paper argues that the relationships between NIOC and the political claimants that surround it resist simple definition…

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