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LNG plant cost escalation

In this OIES’s paper Brian Songhurst assesses the reasons for the liquefaction cost level increases in the last decade by placing the available data into a framework in which an objective comparative analysis is possible.  He also discusses trends in the LNG project construction and execution sector which should lead to cost reductions over time.

The effect of LNG on the relationship between UK and Continental European natural gas markets

This EPRG paper empirically investigates the long-term relationship and offers two main contributions: (i) To the best knowledge of the author, this is the first study to take into account important UK spot gas market drivers such as seasonality, temperature and gas storage injection/withdrawal behaviour when examining the structural relationship between UK and Continental European markets. (ii) The effect of UK import capacity extensions since 2005, through both pipeline and LNG regasifcation capacity, on this longterm relationship will be analyzed.

A realistic perspective on Japan’s LNG demand after Fukushima

The earthquake and tsunami which left its toll of destruction and the tragic loss of life on Japan’s eastern seaboard on 11th March 2011 was a natural disaster of the highest order.  This OIES working paper addresses methodically and in detail the extent of the impact of the events of 11th March 2011 on Japan’s energy complex and describes how, through higher utilisation of fossil fuel plant and enforced and voluntary demand conservation measures, the country has coped with this unprecedented reduction in generation capacity.

European Natural Gas Demand Supply & Pricing: cycles seasons and the impact of LNG price arbitrage

Anouk Honoré. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. Oxford University Press, December 2010.

The book provides not simply an analysis but also a methodology for looking at the evolution of European gas demand and supply. This book extends the OIES Natural Gas Programme’s regional gas studies which have so far covered Asia and CIS countries and which, in the near future, will extend to the Middle East and North Africa.

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