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Attaining sustainable development of oil and gas in North America

This review focuses on national and subnational environmental regulations that are important for governing the sustainable development of oil and gas. It provides a snapshot of the policies and regulations in each country [USA, Canada and Mexico] related to oil and gas extraction, oil and gas transport and oil refining, and certain issues that impact demand…

The prospects for natural gas as a transportation fuel in Europe

In this OIES paper, Chris Le Fevre draws on extensive research and discussion with interested bodies to address the case for natural gas in transport, the extent and likelihood of its adoption, the long term implications for additional European gas demand and the key policy drivers and structural challenges which would encourage or inhibit these developments…

Fueling up: The economic implications of America’s oil and gas boom

“New drilling techniques for oil and natural gas are propelling an energy production renaissance in the United States. As the US economy struggles to emerge from the Great Recession, many see the boom as a possible source of economic salvation that could reduce unemployment and revitalize American manufacturing. Until now, however, there has been little objective analysis of the energy boom’s economic consequences. In this major study, Trevor Houser and Shashank Mohan fill that gap…”

Auctions for oil and gas exploration leases in India

This OIES’s paper addresses the following policy question: why, despite nearly 15 years of operation of India’s New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP), representing two full exploration cycles has this regime yielded inconclusive results, both in terms of a firm indication of India’s resource potential, and increased domestic production?

Price discrimination and limits to arbitrage in global LNG markets

Gas prices around the world vary widely despite being connected by international trade of LNG. Some industry observers argue that major exporters (e.g., Qatar) have acted irrationally by failing to engage in price arbitrage. This is also difficult to reconcile with a perfectly competitive model in which price differences exist solely because of transport costs…

Global resources : Conflict and cooperation

“This book provides critical insights into the dynamic processes of conflict and cooperation in relation to oil, gas and minerals, recognising that there is no easy and clear separation between areas of cooperation and of conflict and that these relations co-exist in complex and continually evolving ways…”

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