Étiqueté : Northeast Asia

Russia’s gas policy in Asia: The driving forces and the nature of institutional changes

Russia’s turn to Asian energy markets started well before punitive sanctions were imposed by the international community. The international community politicized trade in energy after having interpreted Russia’s position on the Ukrainian crisis as a demonstration of Russia’s imperial ambitions and attempt to rebuild the Soviet Union against the Ukraine’s sovereign will to seek closer economic ties with the European Union (EU) and not with the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)…

Through the dragon gate? A window of opportunity for Northeast Asian gas security

“This paper sets out the complex relationship between the gas deals pursued between Russia and the Northeast Asian countries, the economic and political factors that have shaped negotiations, and the influence of recent developments in the region. The paper argues that there is a short window of opportunity for all parties to reach a win–win outcome…”

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