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Global resources : Conflict and cooperation

“This book provides critical insights into the dynamic processes of conflict and cooperation in relation to oil, gas and minerals, recognising that there is no easy and clear separation between areas of cooperation and of conflict and that these relations co-exist in complex and continually evolving ways…”

Resources to reserves 2013

The availability of oil and gas for future generations continues to provoke international debate. In 2005, the first edition of Resources to Reserves found that the known hydrocarbon resources were sufficient to sustain likely growth for the foreseeable future. Yet the book also predicted that developing oil and gas resources – and bringing them to market – would become more technically demanding…

The conservation of exhaustible natural resources in the GATT and WTO: Implications for the conservation of oil resources

The conservation of exhaustible natural resources constitutes a prominent linkage and one of the ongoing debates in the relationship between trade liberalization and environmental sustainability. Indeed, the recognition of this linkage was embodied as an important exception to the rules of the GATT, which justifies a violating measure related “to the conservation of exhaustible natural resources”…

Energy sustainability in the Gulf States – The why and the how

This paper by Laura El-Katiri aims to discuss the current and future challenges evolving from the Gulf region’s growing domestic energy use, coupled to its continued, almost exclusive, reliance on oil and natural gas, on the region’s future export potential, as well as the security of its domestic energy supplies…

World Energy Outlook 2012

The IEA report presents up to date, authoritative projections of energy trends through to 2035 and insights into what they mean for energy security, environmental sustainability and economic development. Oil, natural gas, coal, electricity from nuclear generation and all other sources, all aspects of renewables, and energy and climate change are all covered.

Sino-Russian oil and gas cooperation

China and Russia are giant countries whose recent economic and energy experience could hardly be more different: in the one, unprecedentedly rapid industrialisation has sent its share of world primary energy consumption soaring from 7 to 20 percent since 1985 (overtaking the USA); in the other the collapse of centrally planned industry has reduced its share from 11 to 6 percent during the same period. China has tried to exploit its modest energy endowments sparingly, while forging a world-wide supply structure that prevents it from being deprived of the imports its economy needs. Russia meanwhile has become a major oil and gas exporter, possessing more than 20 percent of the world’s gas reserves, part of which it is eager to sell to China. Inevitably, therefore, energy is at the centre of relations between these two countries…

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