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The power of transformation : Wind, sun and the economics of flexible power systems

Based on a thorough review of the integration challenge, this publication gauges the economic significance of variable rernewable energies integration impacts, highlights the need for a system-wide approach to integrating high shares of VRE and recommends how to achieve a cost-effective transformation of the power system…

Renewable energy technologies: cost analysis series

Renewable energy technologies: cost analysis series. Bonn : IRENA, June 2012 http://www.irena.org/menu/index.aspx?mnu=cat&PriMenuID=36&CatID=128 Preface : International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Member Countries have asked for better, objective cost data for renewable energy technologies.These five reports on solar pholtovoltaics, wind, biomass, hydropower and concentrating solar power address...

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