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Renewable Energies and European Landscapes : Lessons from Southern European Cases

This book provides timely, multidisciplinary cross-national comparison of the institutional and social processes through which renewable energy landscapes have emerged in Southern Europe. On the basis of case studies in these countries, it analyzes the way in which and the extent to which the development of renewable energies has affected landscape forms and whether or not it has contributed to a reformulation of landscape practices and values in these countries

Handbook of clean energy systems

The Handbook of Clean Energy Systems consolidates a wealth of information from this interdisciplinary research field in a single online reference work. With an international team of renowned editors, advisory board members, and contributors from academia and industry, the Handbook presents a comprehensive overview of the latest developments and practical applications in clean energy research across six volumes

Renewable Energy Target Setting

This Irena’s report highlights the critical importance of definitions and specific design features suited to different objectives. It lays out a comprehensive framework, which can inform policy makers as they embark on the task of designing – or revising – their respective national or local renewable energy targets.

Renewable energy disputes in the World Trade Organization

This article analyzes renewable energy disputes in the World Trade Organization (WTO), explores the specific WTO norms that have been, and are likely to be, engaged by trade-distortive measures that WTO Members may seek to argue have been taken to promote renewables, and advocates implementing stronger governance of energy trade and provides an analysis of the WTO’s treatment of renewable energy

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