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Security of Supply, Capacity Auctions and Interconnectors

Energy policy aims to deliver security, sustainability and affordability, but politicians treat security of supply as over-riding. Absent market and regulatory failures, liberalized energy-only electricity markets might deliver adequate capacity. Ambitious targets for subsidized renewables and policy uncertainty have undermined the commercial case for the investment needed to handle increased intermittency and raised concerns for capacity adequacy. In response Britain now holds annual capacity auctions. The paper examines the case for, criticisms of, and the outcome of the first auction, criticizing the decision to ignore the contribution that interconnectors make to security of supply.

Climate-smart technologies : integrating renewable energy and energy efficiency in mitigation and adaptation responses

“A unique feature of this publication is that it  introduces a variety of concrete projects, initiatives and strategies currently being undertaken and implemented across the ACP region and beyond, showcasing concrete examples of how new technologies as a whole, and renewable energy in particular, can assist island nations in meeting the challenges climate change pose to them.”

Designing renewable electricity policies to reduce emissions

A variety of renewable electricity policies to promote investment in wind, solar, and other types of renewable generators exist across the United States. The federal renewable energy investment tax credit, the federal renewable energy production tax credit, and state renewable portfolio standards are among the most notable. Whether the benefits of promoting new technology and reducing pollution emissions from the power sector justify these policies’ costs has been the subject of considerable debate. We argue in this paper that the debate is misguided because it does not consider two important interactions between renewable electricity generators and the rest of the power system…

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