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Business as usual : European gas market functioning in times of turmoil and increasing import dependence

“Ongoing turmoil in Ukraine has once again sparked debate about European energy dependence on Russia. That debate is not new and has been revitalized repeatedly since the first major supply disruption in 2006, which took place after several decades of fairly stable supplies. This new Brookings report assesses whether the often expressed desire to move away from using Russian natural gas will in fact happen…”

Ukraine’s imports of Russian gas: how a deal might be reached

This OIES comment assesses the commercial and political context of recent times leading up to the current impasse and places the price levels at the core of the commercial dispute in the context of developments in European traded markets, concessions on Russian contract price levels in North West Europe and prevailing prices in other FSU states.

Former Soviet Union Countries and European Union: Overcoming the Energy Efficiency Gap

This paper evaluates convergence of energy intensity for the former USSR countries during 1995-2010. We divide these countries into three clubs and show convergence in income and in energy intensity for each club. We also demonstrate that rate of convergence is higher in countries with a low level of development.

The potential impact on Asia gas markets of Russia’s Eastern gas strategy

Russia possesses the potential to produce significant gas from its Eastern Regions, with total proved reserves in East Siberia and the Far East of Russia standing at 5 trillion cubic metres (Tcm) while prospective resources could be as large as 65Tcm. This would appear to give Russia a huge opportunity for export sales into the Asia Pacific region, which contains the world’s largest LNG importing nations and two of the world’s fastest growing gas markets in China and India (also importers of LNG)…

Russian energy and security up to 2030

(…) This book explores the challenges facing Russia’s energy sector and the resulting security implications. It includes a discussion of how far the Russian state is likely to continue to monopolise the energy sector, and how far competition from private and foreign companies might be allowed…

Russian electricity reform 2013 update

In 2005, the IEA published a study documenting the proposed reform and highlighting some potential implementation issues. Achievements to date have been impressive by international standards, however the outcome remains uncertain. Electricity reform is entering another critical phase in Russia. The 2013 Update examines the key remaining challenges affecting the development of competitive wholesale and retail electricity markets in Russia including: market structure, market design, pricing, investment and related regulation…

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