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Smart grids: best practice fundamentals for a modern energy system

To help facilitate the deployment of smart grids, the World Energy Council (WEC) has put together this report to shed light on the current status of smart grids and the financing mechanisms for their development. The report aims to serve as a compendium of best practice examples of successful smart grid development in different countries (India, Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, Europe and North America) and the factors contributing to their success with a special focus on funding mechanisms.

The National Politics of Nuclear Power

The book examines nuclear development in eight leading nuclear nations in order to identify the dominant forces which support nuclear power development in a given nation. For those of you who are wondering how Japan wound up with its nuclear power program, what Russia has been up to in nuclear power since Chernobyl and what we can expect in the way of nuclear power development in China…it may be worth checking out.

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