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Global tracking framework. Sustainable energy for all

In declaring 2012 the international year of sustainable energy for all, the United Nations (UN) general assembly (2011) established at the personal initiative of the UN secretary general- three global objectives to be accomplished by 2030. Those goals are to ensure universal access to modern energy services (including electricity and clean, modern cooking solutions), to double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency, and to double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix…

What the United States and the United Kingdom can teach each other about climate change and sustainable development at the national level

As the urgency of climate change, biodiversity loss, severe poverty, and other global environmental and development challenges continues to grow, concerted international action to address them is becoming even harder. National efforts are thus more important than ever. An important example is the United Kingdom and the United States, which have stronger ties with each other than almost any other county — the so-called “special relationship

Design education for a sustainable future

Sustainability is a powerful force that is fundamentally reshaping humanity’s relationship to the natural world and is ushering in the Age of Integration. The move from well-intentioned environmental friendliness to the higher bar of integral sustainability and regenerative design demands a new type of design professional, one that is deeply collaborative, ethically grounded, empathically connected and technologically empowered…

Green growth: economic theory and political discourse

The concept of ‘green growth’ has burst onto the international policy scene in the past four years.  Identifying the core meaning of the concept and sister terms such as ‘green economy’, this paper locates green growth within the longer tradition of environmental discourses, notably that of sustainable development…

Consistent assessments of pathways toward sustainable development and climate stabilization

This study quantitatively assesses some alternative scenarios using integrated assessment models, and provides several indicators relating to sustainable development and climate change, such as indicators of income (per capita GDP), poverty, water stress, food access, sustainable energy use, energy security, and ocean acidification, with high consistencies among the indicators within a scenario.

A new blueprint for a green economy

The present book first summarizes the main messages from Blueprint for a Green Economy, published in 1989, and explains why, given rapid and widespread global environmental degradation, they are still relevant. The book then examines the progress since Blueprint for a Green Economy in implementing policies and other measures to improve environmental valuation, accounting and incentives…

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