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Making Electricity Resilient. Risk and Security in a Liberalized Infrastructure

Drawing on interviews, participant observation, policy analysis, and survey research, this book unpacks the work of the authorities, electricity companies, and lay persons that keeps energy systems from failing and helps them to recover from disruptions if they occur. The book explores a number of important issues: the historical security policy of energy infrastructures; control rooms where electricity is traded and maintained in real time; and electricity consumers in their homes. Presenting case studies from Finland and Scandinavia, with comparisons to the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union at large, Making Electricity Resilient offers a detailed and innovative analysis of long-term priorities and short-term dynamics in energy risk and resilience.

Handbook of clean energy systems

The Handbook of Clean Energy Systems consolidates a wealth of information from this interdisciplinary research field in a single online reference work. With an international team of renowned editors, advisory board members, and contributors from academia and industry, the Handbook presents a comprehensive overview of the latest developments and practical applications in clean energy research across six volumes

Sustainable energy in Brazil: Reversing past achievements or realizing future potential

In this paper, Mari Luomi provides an evaluation of the prospects and potential for sustainable energy in Brazil in the medium and long term, based on an analysis of current energy-related dynamics, existing government policies and plans, and domestic and international projections of energy supply and demand through 2035…

Planetary economics : Energy, climate change and the three domains of sustainable development

“The book shows that the transformation of energy systems involves all three domains – and each is equally important. From them flow three pillars of policy – three quite distinct kinds of actions that need to be taken, which rest on fundamentally different principles. Any pillar on its own will fail.”

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