Étiqueté : Sustainable transport

Transport, climate change and the city

This book seeks to develop achievable and low transport CO2 emission futures in a range of international case studies, including in London, Oxfordshire, Delhi, Jinan and Auckland. The aim is that the scenarios as developed, and the consideration of implementation and governance issues, can help us plan for and achieve attractive future travel behaviours at the city level.

Overview of the policy toolbox for low-carbon road mobility in the European Union

The transition to sustainable transport, which necessarily implies low-carbon transport, will require a major structural shift in both passenger and freight transport systems. Indeed, rapidly increasing traffic and a high dependency on fossil fuels have made transport a crucial but also a challenging issue with regard to the action required to fight climate change…

Moving towards low carbon mobility

The transport sector has been singularly unsuccessful in becoming low carbon and less resource intensive. This book takes an innovative and holistic social, cultural and behavioural perspective, as well as covering the more conventional economic and technological dimensions, to provide a more complete understanding of the mobility and transport system and its progress towards high carbon mobility.

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