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Global warming, technological change and trade in carbon energy: Challenge or threat ?

Is it possible to combat global climate change through North-to-South technology transfer even without a global climate treaty? Or do carbon leakage and the rebound effect imply that it is possible to take advantage of technological improvements under the umbrella of a global arrangement only?…

Energy investments and technology transfer across emerging economies : The case of Brazil and China

This IEA’s report focuses on three main questions: What are the drivers behind Chinese investment in the Brazilian energy sector? What potential exists for inter-firm technology transfer between the Chinese and Brazilian companies involved? Do government-sponsored activities and academic exchanges complement inter-firm technology transfer?

Cancun Technology Breakthrough Should Deal with a Fatal Flaw Within

Cancun Technology Breakthrough Should Deal with a Fatal Flaw Within / Dr Promode Kant. IGREC, New Delhi, Jan. 2011, 7 p.

Access to technology for dealing with the consequences of climate change, and for taking a low emission path for development, is of core concern to the developing countries but has seen little concrete action over the last two decades…

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