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Climate change mitigation from the bottom up: Using preferential trade agreements to promote climate change mitigation

This paper advocates the importance of involving major greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters through large preferential trade agreements (PTAs), such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, with strong climate change chapters and through economic partnership agreements as avenues to mitigate GHG emissions…

Domestic incentive measures for renewable energy with possible trade implications

In recent years the manufacturing of renewable-energy technologies has become truly global. The associated rise in international investment and trade in goods and services related to renewable energy has been rapid, but it has not always been smooth. Already there have been challenges at the WTO, and the unilateral imposition of countervailing and anti-dumping duties, in response to some countries‘ policies on the grounds that they distort trade…

Trade and climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the international community. Mitigating global warming and adapting to its consequences will require major economic investment and, above all, unequivocal determination on the part of all policymakers. This publication uniquely examines the intersection between trade and climate change from four different but correlated perspectives: the science of climate change, economic aspects, multilateral efforts to tackle climate change, and national climate change policies and their trade effect.

Liquefied natural gas exports: an opportunity for America

Prohibitions  or restrictions on US exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are a bad idea. LNG exports will deliver economic benefits to the US economy. The US Department  of Energy should approve pending LNG export applications for projects at an  advanced planning stage, in conjunction with appropriate regulation to limit  environmental dangers from wells to ports…

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