Étiqueté : unconventional fuel

A comparison between shale gas in China and unconventional fuel development in the United States

China is appraised to have the world’s largest exploitable reserves of shale gas, although several legal, regulatory, environmental and investment-related issues will likely restrain its scope. China’s capacity to successfully face these hurdles and produce commercial shale gas will have a crucial impact on the regional gas market and on China’s energy mix, as Beijing strives to decrease reliance on imported oil and coal, while attempting to meet growing energy demand and maintain a certain level of resource autonomy…

The next frontier in United States unconventional shale gas and tight oil extraction

In this report, the authors argue that strategic planning by both companies and regulatory agencies to minimize the environmental impacts of unconventional extraction requires a contextualized understanding of regional issues and the available technical, management, and policy interventions to mitigate them…

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