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Offshore gas in East Mediterranean: from myth to reality

The wave of deep offshore and unconventional gas and oil exploration projects, rendered economically feasible by relatively high prices and new technologies, has reached the shores of the Mediterranean. Levantine countries, including Cyprus, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Syria, have new offshore gas potentials…

Liquefied natural gas exports: an opportunity for America

Prohibitions  or restrictions on US exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are a bad idea. LNG exports will deliver economic benefits to the US economy. The US Department  of Energy should approve pending LNG export applications for projects at an  advanced planning stage, in conjunction with appropriate regulation to limit  environmental dangers from wells to ports…

La Commission européenne publie trois études sur les combustibles fossiles non conventionnels

Ces études portent sur les effets potentiels de ces combustibles sur les marchés de l’énergie, l’impact climatique potentiel de production de gaz de schiste et les risques potentiels relatifs à l’exploitation et à la fracturation hydraulique que les gaz de schiste pourraient présenter pour la santé humaine et l’environnement.

Golden rules for a golden age of gas

Natural gas is poised to enter a golden age, but this future hinges critically on the successful development of the world’s vast unconventional gas resources. North American experience shows unconventional gas – notably shale gas – can be exploited economically. Many countries are lining up to emulate this success. But some governments are hesitant, or even actively opposed. They are responding to public concerns that production might involve unacceptable environmental and social damage. This report treats these aspirations and anxieties with equal seriousness…

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