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Bureaucratic influence when secretariats grow : the example of the UNFCCC

The CDM revenues have led to a massive resource inflow for the UNFCCC Secretariat, covering more than half of its budget. Using document analysis, interviews and regression analysis, the authors show that the UNFCCC Secretariat, at least in areas that require technical expertise and that are politically not overly contentious, can gain substantial influence over concrete CDM-related policy decisions and even change the structure of decision making and consultation processes

Macroeconomic impacts of the EU 30% GHG mitigation target

The reduction of GHG emissions is one of the most important policy objectives worldwide. Nonetheless, concrete and effective measures to reduce them are hardly implemented. One of the main reasons for this deadlock is the fear that unilateral actions will reduce a country’s competitiveness, and will benefit those countries where no GHG mitigation measures are implemented…

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