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Building performance evaluation and certification in the UK: a critical review of SAP?

Improving the efficiency and performance of the residential building stock is necessary for meeting future energy and climate change targets. Building Performance Evaluation and Certification  tools are vital for estimating and recommending cost effective improvements to building energy efficiency. In the UK, building performance is estimated using the Standard Assessment Procedure  for new dwellings and Reduced SAP for existing dwellings…

Determinants of the green electricity tariff uptake in the UK

“A number of countries offer domestic consumers the option of buying their electricity supply through a ‘green tariff’, whereby the supplier typically guarantees that all or part of the supply has been generated using renewable energy sources. Various studies have sought to identify variables describing and/or predicting why domestic consumers choose to purchase a green tariff. This study builds on previous work by reviewing the UK market in particular…”

Feed-in tariffs for renewable energy and WTO subsidy rules

This ICTSD’s  paper analyzes renewable energy feed-in tariff (FIT) programmes in the context of World Trade Organization (WTO) subsidy rules. By examining the functioning of the FIT programmes implemented by the Canadian province of Ontario, Germany and the United Kingdom (UK) the paper explores how current subsidy rules may treat FIT programmes.

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