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Energy and Air Pollution

Based on new data for pollutant emissions in 2015 and projections to 2040, this IEA’s special report, the latest in the World Energy Outlook series, provides a global outlook for energy and air pollution as well as detailed profiles of key countries and regions: the United States, Mexico, the European Union, China, India, Southeast Asia and Africa.

EU Leadership in Energy and Environmental Governance

This edited collection focuses on the impact of the changing global distribution of power on the EU’s energy policy and ability to project its approach to energy-related issues abroad. It maps the EU’s changing position on global energy, the impact of various factors on its energy policy, and its relations with Russia, China, the USA and Brazil.

The Quadrennial Energy Review

The first installment of the QER examines how to modernize american energy infrastructure to promote economic competitiveness, energy security and environmental responsibility, and is focused on energy transmission, storage, and distribution (TS&D), the networks of pipelines, wires, storage, waterways, railroads, and other facilities that form the backbone of american energy system…

US Coal Exports: The Long Road to Asian Markets

The report reviews the existing and proposed US coal port infrastructure, with a special focus on the Northwest Coast and steam coal exports. It analyses market, regulatory and environmental challenges US exporters have to face when developing new export routes and it assesses future coal exports according to different scenarios.

Too much energy ? Asia at 2030

This AEI report strives to shed light on these uncertainties with the aim of providing realistic scenarios for the global energy outlook to 2030.

La révolution des pétroles de schiste aux États-Unis

Après la révolution des gaz de schiste, les États-Unis vivent depuis 2010 une deuxième révolution avec le développement très rapide des Light Tight Oil (LTO) ou pétroles de schiste. Ce développement a permis d’augmenter la production de pétrole et de liquides du pays, faisant des États-Unis le premier producteur au monde, devant l’Arabie Saoudite et la Russie…

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